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Shiftwork: How To Cope® Introductory Program
Focusing on awareness-level knowledge for new shiftwork employees, the Introductory Program is an off-the-shelf Training Kit. A short, 30-minute DVD introduces new hires to the benefits of shift work as well as the consequences of poor shiftwork lifestyle adjustment, for themselves, their families and their workplace. Then, the DVD provides instruction on the steps to achieve sustained shiftwork readiness. Employees also gain knowledge about the human circadian rhythm system and basic strategies for sleeping, eating, fatigue reduction and on-the-job alertness. As part of this Introductory Program, new employees receive the Shiftwork: How To Cope® Introductory Guide to
start their personal and family journey toward sustained shiftwork readiness.

Reduce your turnover costs and enhance on-shift performance by providing your new hires with the core knowledge required to adjust to their shift assignment (fixed or rotating) in the fastest, most effective manner. Videopak and Introductory Guides
Additional Introductory Guides - Call Today to Order - 1-888-SHIFTWORK

Pricing Details:
StarterPak: $485.00

1 DVD with Facilitator's Handbook: $350.00
10 Introductory Guides: $135.00

Introductory Guides (after purchase of StarterPak):
Quantity 1-19 bks 20-49 bks 50-99 bks 100-249 bks 250-499 bks 500+ bks
Unit Price $12.95 $11.90 $10.95 $9.95 $8.95 $7.95

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