More Shift Work Blogs and Perspectives

Here are just some of the many media/blogs/websites we found throughout our research, that are also geared towards shift workers. Enjoy, and please send in any other sites you like.

    • SeeĀ Marc Saltzman’s review of the Philips Wake-up Light, an alarm clock that simulates a sunrise to get you out of bed – good for using during naps as well.

  • Stephen Weistling’s blog discusses sleep, health, and family issues associated with shift work through his own personal perspective.
  • The My Life and Sleep Apnea blog talks about dealing with cpap machines, waking up with sinus problems, and other trials and tribulations of living with sleep apnea.
  • The Happiness Project shows the struggles and adventures of a woman trying to increase happiness and relaxation throughout her everyday life.

Some facebook groups:

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