An Apple A Day May…

keep the fat away (as well as the doctor)! A study in Plos One suggests that eating unpeeled apples may keep extra pounds and obesity related diseases at bay.

The study, conducted at the University of Iowa, found that a compound in apple skins, ursolic acid, helped mice increase their muscle mass and develop more calorie burning brown fat, even while eating a high fat diet. These two tissues are recognized for their calorie-burning properties. Besides helping the mice shed weight, ursolic acid also helped keep pre-diabetes and fatty liver disease from forming.

Mice eating the same diet without the compound did not show these results.

The researchers used a low concentration of ursolic acid, equivalent to eating one or two apples each day, to conduct their study. This is very good news for shift workers whose eating habits are altered when working shifts, causing them to gain more weight and eat less healthy than the general population. An apple is a simple, easy and powerhouse snack to bring to work each day. Who would think that something so small could help us so much?

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